1st Blog Of 2018

I say this every year and I swear I have every intention of doing it but every year I get side tracked. I apologize for that. 🙈 This year I will do my best to write consistently. This is the year I am going to share more of my life and experiences with the world.


You have to understand, I grew up an introvert. I used to be quiet & shy but loved things like show choir and acting. I was born a “walking contradiction.” It took me decades to open myself up to people. I went from one side of the spectrum to another, flourishing into an extrovert of the quirkiest kind. 😜


So now I’m ready to share my life, my experiences, my thoughts and feelings. I want other introverts to know I understand and if they wanted to be more social they can and if they don’t it’s fine. NEVER be something you don’t want to be. ALWAYS be true to yourself.


I hope people can learn from my mistakes and experiences. Some of us need to go out there, try, fall and learn, but if you can learn from the moments where I’ve fallen face first in life, please do so you don’t have to. Also see that it’s possible to recover from what may seem as the worst falls.


Two years ago I reclaimed my life. I’ve been on a journey of being the person I used to be before traumas such as bullying, emotional abuse, sexual assault and depression. I had to remember who I used to be. Although I can’t see the world with the innocent eyes that I looked through before, I wanted to be that fearless person that chased her dreams, followed her heart, made the impossible possible, saw the best when things looked bleak, was sunshine in the cloudiest of days and never felt awkward or scared when she was alone in the world. I didn’t want to live like a victim anymore.


I became that person I used to be and then some. I have been happier than I have ever been. It took me what seemed like forever to finally come to the point that the events that caused me trauma have made me value life and love that much more than I ever have. It was tough. I seriously didn’t think I could get past it. I used to think, “Happier? Are you kidding me? I don’t know how I can live.” But one day It finally clicked and I couldn’t spend any more of my life feeling that way. The only person that could help me is ME. I fought for my life when my mind didn’t feel like it had the strength to do it. I’m thankful I did. I came out a warrior and the living embodiment of sunshine because of it. ☀️


This year I’ll go more in depth with my experiences and share my life but be prepared!!! Although I’m a “mature” adult that has much wisdom to pass on, I still have a lot of life to experience and “immaturity” in me! 🙂 Again, I’m a walking contradiction. 😝


I promised myself when I got my life back that I WILL try to do as many of the things I’ve always wanted to do before I die and I have to do them NOW. I will not wait to do them. Tomorrow is never guaranteed and although I plan for my life long term, I still approach each day as if it’s my last. In the past I lived my life for my career and for my relationships… I was waiting for the right time to do all these things I’ve always wanted to do and the right time never came. I will never do that again.


So this year, You’ll see me go on some crazy adventures. Some will be at amazing locations and others will just be me going to target. 🙃 If you know me you know crazy moments and non stop fun are had by me even if it’s just going out to get the mail. 😂 #ForRealzYO So these shared moments will be fun & ridiculous. It’s what I believe in. 😋


So until the next blog entry, smile!!!!! And know I send love…

Always & Forever,