A Decade Without Eddie Guerrero?

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the passing of Eddie Guerrero. He was an incredible legend that was taken from his family, the wrestling community and the entire world, far too soon.

 Coming into the WWE with MNM, Oh wow… I feel so blessed to have met him, known him and had the opportunity to have worked with him. Growing up watching wrestling… I never imagined myself ever making it to the WWE, let alone being able to work with Eddie Guerrero! The kid inside me was telling me, “OMG! Do you remember his match with Stone Cold! Do you remember his ladder match with Edge!!! Remember how awesome it was when he won the WWE Championship?!!! OMG!!! I wish PJ (my brother) was here right now!”

 When I first met him and found out we were working with him I knew he was a person that you had to prove yourself in the ring with, and the eager MNM wanted nothing more in the world than to be worthy of working alongside such an icon. At that time I knew people looked at me and thought, “Great. They are bringing in another chick. This broad better be there for that damn spot and not screw everything up.” I wanted to prove that I wasn’t “that chick,” especially working with Eddie. I also wanted to learn from him because watching him with my family and representing Latinos… He’s iconic AND well, he may not have known it, but for the Latin community he WAS family! So it meant the world to learn anything from this legendary talent. 

He was absolutely great with MNM and I’ll never forget how awesome of an experience that was. Being new (at least for us) you experience a mixture of stand offish-ness, judgment & basically being under the microscope. We showed Eddie what wrestling meant to us when we worked and he saw it. He believed in us. So he would talk to us and share his wisdom and thoughts. I remember he would tease John daily asking him “When are you going to marry her John?” I’d chuckle… He said it and did it the way my father would.

I’m not going to claim to know Eddie incredibly well… Someone yelled at me the day he passed, because I sobbed when we heard the news. The person said I didn’t know him well enough to cry for him the way I did. I couldn’t help it. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried because I was a fan and he’s a part of ALL our hearts… I cried because I lost my aunt and my grandfather leading up to this and I couldn’t go to their funerals and now Eddie. A huge reason of why his passing devastated me was, because whether he knew it or not, he was my on the road father. He reminded me and treated me the way my father did. I appreciated how he treated MNM so much, because that experience gave me strength, hope & was what kept me going till the very end of my run.

Eddie Guerrero was a blessing for me (and for many out there) as I watched him on our screens growing up and during the time I got to work with him. As a fan I am thankful to have had the opportunity to watch him work and experience his greatness in person while secretly thinking, “Holy cow! I can’t believe I am a part of this right now.” I still can’t believe I took his frog splash! Then I got to see the family side of him and a bit of who he was… I have to say, I am thankful for him as a person, not just an entertainer.

What I take away from working with him is passion for the business, how an emotional connection (which was a natural and magical gift he had) is extraordinarily impactful and unforgettable when you watched him perform. Lastly and most importantly, to love family with everything that you are.

I want to thank his family for sharing him with the world. I know the life of a wrestler has it’s downsides, but know he spoke of you often and it always made me so happy, because I missed my family so much and the way he spoke of you reminded me of my very own. I hope you know I Love you very much and I miss you all.

#RIPEddieGuerrero #ThankYouForEverything #YouWillBeMissedAndTreasuredForYearsToCome #Irreplaceable

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