Melina Perez is one of WWE’s most decorated Divas in their history! She’s also considered to be one of the most unique women to ever set foot in a WWE ring. Her infamous splits entrance has captivated the WWE Universe for over 6 years, and has made her a stand out Diva.

Melina first made a name for herself as the valet to “The It Team On The Scene” MNM. They immediately made a statement by feuding with Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero. In their first match on WWE, they captured the WWE Tag Team Championships! While their athleticism is clear, it was abundant that Melina played a massive part in the success of MNM, as she helped them gain another 2 reigns as champions before disbanding in 2006.

Melina & her man, Johnny Nitro, moved to WWE’s flagship show, and she continued to manage him, helping him win 2 Intercontinental Championships. However, it was at this point that Melina truly begun to establish herself as a Diva. In 2007, her hard work was rewarded with a win over Mickie James and the coveted Women’s Title. Melina would go on to win the title two more times.

With the demise of the Women’s Title, Melina started to pursue the Divas Championship. After being drafted back to RAW, Melina defeated Jillian to win the belt. However, her reign was cut short due to a torn ACL. After eight months out of action, Melina returned and quickly regained the belt she never lost.

While she has shown her fanbase that she’s a firecracker in the ring, Melina has been able to use social media to connect to her fans on another level. She regularly tweets and posts videos on YouTube to show her fans the Real Melina, and she shares her feelings through blogs and she shares her feelings through blogs exclusive to RealMelina.Com. From this, it is evident that Melina is grateful to her fans and will do whatever it takes to make them proud.

One thing that is certain about Melina- she is a fighter. She has had two major injuries and has still be able to bounce back and get stronger. While she may no longer be a WWE Diva, Melina is ready to show the world that she truly has taken control of her destiny.


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