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A lot of people have been asking for a new Blog from me. I guess I save blogs for definitive heart felt statements or somewhat as articles…. Maybe I should see it as a diary… I don’t know which way would be more enjoyable for all of you to read so please let me know what you think.

I’m assuming that before I began tweeting people saw me…. the real me, as a cold hard B!otch! As I have said on Twitter, I don’t blame people for thinking that way…. My heel character totally was!! May I add, I played that role extremely well! But I need you to know my character is based off of the women who have been that way to me and part how I wish I could have been instead of just taking their abuse.

Don’t get me wrong, I had my moments where I stood up for myself, but I hate conflict. I rather be happy. To laugh and joke around. Life is too short. I tell people I love them and I live each day to enjoy the moment because life is precious…. even if it doesn’t feel that way within our hearts sometimes…. and believe me, I know that pain and loneliness.

If I argue, it’s to stand up for someone I love, someone who is weaker and doesn’t deserve to be treated wrongly. I stand up for something that is dear to my heart. I rather have resolution. I believe in compromises. I stand up for myself when things go way too far, but normally I stand back and let haters hate because It’s pointless to argue…. a lot of them thrive off of you reacting…. I rather prove them wrong. Show them that a good person, a good heart and hard work will outshine their hate.

In seriousness, if these people would spend more time working or bettering themselves…. they would go a lot farther in life and be happier. They are just holding themselves back. Like in wrestling, Those who spent their time talking bad about me and trying to jeopardize my career, if they only put that energy in wrestling, bettering themselves and learning the craft, they would have done so much better. It’s a shame. There are no short cuts and hand outs in this life OR wrestling. Not really.

Now there are moments where This Girl ain’t so friendly!! Don’t mess with me in mid workout!!! You’re killin’ my flow!!!!

I’m in the ZONE! hee hee hee. And I guess on a plane…. 🙁 It’s me time!! I read, sleep, write or watch my favorite shows! Can’t get mad at me for wanting ME Time!! :)But believe me, I won’t be a b!otch to you. I’m just not as chatty on flights or car rides. It all depends I guess.

Every Superstar/Diva is different just respect their boundaries (like any other person) and understand that our travel and job, although a privilege, can be grueling and wearing.

I will never act like that with someone unless they were rude to me or someone I love. Some should really realize how they talk to or approach people. It’s just treating people like human beings for crying out loud! Then again, I won’t blame a person for taking me the wrong way…. it happens and I’m not perfect. Misunderstandings happen people so don’t get crazy! Then I won’t get crazy :p hee hee hee. All I want to do is have fun… you will hear that and read many tweets where I say have fun.

Back to my Tweethearts, I’ve been getting Tweets on how people can’t believe that everyone can’t see how nice I am…. or that they can’t believe it. All I have to say is it’s ok that everyone doesn’t see the good in me and or in other good deserving people. It’s truly their loss. Sure it hurts that someone cant see you for who you are or they don’t like you but, if life was perfect we wouldn’t overcome and be stronger. If everyone was always nice, we wouldn’t learn how to deal with situations when they go wrong and even though people can suck sometimes, the truth is, if it wasn’t for them, life would be boring. We also need the bad to appreciate the good…. but I’m glad you guys can see the good. 🙂 That’s why we stick together, right?

This can be a lonely road. I have been misunderstood for so long and I wonder, What is I got in an accident….. what if anything, ya know? And I leave this world with many not knowing who I am…. who I truly am as a person. I am surrounded by people and am so alone because no one knows me for me…. Through writing, through a tweet…. now I can share that with you.

Through the good and bad, I thank everyone and every situation no matter how good, crazy, painful or stupid it may be! It all helped define me. Made me the person I am today. Even though all the heart ache was excruciating I still wouldn’t trade it for a simpler, “silver platter” kind of life. Not at all.

Hope you like the blog…. I guess it’s me venting. More blogs to come, see you on -If you aren’t on it…. I’m just sayin’ :p

Lots of Love,

From The Most Dominant Diva in the WWE & Twitter!


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