October, 16, 2014

Today people all over are wearing purple and posting online to show support for Spirit Day, where we stand up for LGBT youth who are victims of bullying. I am happy to see crowds wearing purple, and to also be able to view an amazing flood of purple pictures all over my social networking timelines. It’s beautiful having so many people expressing love and acceptance, as well as struggling souls saying thank you because they needed to see that there are people out there who care. It gives me such a great feeling to witness this. If only such love and support could be expressed more often.

All my life I always said I was weird because that was the only way to describe how I saw myself due to the fact that I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere in this world. Growing up I was called a “tomboy” but other tomboys hated me because in their eyes I’m “girly,” and the “girly girls” hated me because I was too “boyish” for them. To this day I feel like I still don’t belong because of it. Can you imagine the struggles and the bullying that others have to endure because of differences, especially children? No one should feel pain, feel ashamed, or be afraid to be who they are. It breaks my heart to hear people suffering to the point of where they kill themselves or think about killing themselves. What else does a person need to hear to realize bullying needs to stop?

No matter where you go, people put up divisions that just shouldn’t exist. Hell, I’ve seen people get attacked for liking a different TV show than another person! I understand that as we are growing up, we seek others to identify with and choose role models that remind us of ourselves because it’s a form of accepting & loving ourselves when we feel no one else does. Know it’s ok to be proud of who you are and what you like, but realize that being proud doesn’t mean you should not accept other people for being different. I’ll throw in an example; I always say I am proud of my Latin background. No doubt! This represents my family, me loving who I am and where I came from, but I love all cultures at the same time as well. Just because I am proud of my background doesn’t mean I shut out everyone else’s. No Way! I love all the countries, love the food and love the people. Pride doesn’t have to produce hate.

We need to look at one another and see human beings who have hopes, dreams and feelings. How did we get to a point where we disconnect from another person and not see them for who they are as an individual? How can we ever look at anyone and not see someone that has experienced hardships and is just trying to get through life the best way that they can, just like any one of us? Since the beginning of time, people have gone through wars & catastrophic events to attain peace & equality. We have learned from our history, moved past, grown and evolved since then. You would think with that, as well as with technology and educational resources, we would be able to care for and understand one another better at this point. Honestly, How can human beings, with our advanced brains that are capable of understanding, critical thought, and logic, ever reach the point of de-humanizing anyone?

I pray that in the future when it comes to Spirit Day, I won’t have to write words describing people as “them” & “they.” I would love to have the divisions disappear, so that I will be replacing “them” & “they” with WE. No matter what race, what country we are in, what our financial position is, what career we have, educational level, how we dress, age, height, weight, gender, or sexual orientation, we need to remember, We Are All Human Beings living in the same world, with feelings and longings for happiness. Let’s be free to be happy and to be ourselves without these painful, life-altering situations. STOP THE HATE. Rise above this negativity. We need to tear down the walls that divide and start accepting each other. Take a stand to make a difference, because we ALL deserve love and happiness.

Love You All,


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