What Is a CelebVM video about?

Imagine I met you at a convention and you handed me your phone saying, “It’s my best friends birthday. Can you say happy birthday?” But then as soon as you hand me your phone you think, “Oh no… was this a good or a bad idea?” OH Yeah, That’s exactly the feeling you will get with this, So just roll the dice and find out!

With a CelebVM video, you basically give me some details along with a message you want me to express and I will wish the intended receiver that sentiment in my own unique Melina way.

REMEMBER, The more time in advance you give me for these vids the more creative I can be as well as get it to you in time for when you need it. It may say, it takes up to two weeks but in truth it’s 4 :p. You gotta remember that I travel and go to school, so that takes a bit of time out of my schedule. That’s why I say, the more time you give me the better.

My videos will always be appropriate and clean. If I act sassy that’s one thing but I will not say anything dirty or ill-willed. Also, If you don’t like the video because I wasn’t sexy enough for you, suck it. I’ll wear a trash bag over my head if I want to. I do what I want in these vids. So no complaining Foo! If your request is improper and out of line, I do have the right to cancel orders. You’ve been warned.


Occasions For A CelebVM Video?

(Let us give you some examples)

  • Happy Birthday
  • Congratulations on
  • Happy Valentines Day
  • May the 4th be with you!
  • Can you believe that happened on The Walking Dead?
  • Yo, don’t leave your dog’s poop in my yard!
  • Your make up is on point but your friend wanted me to tell you to stop wearing that jacket, it DOES NOT go with everything.
  • Intervention: We are here because we love you. Please listen to us when we say you wear too much cologne and it it’s just hurting all of us to watch you do this to yourself.

ORDER Here http://www.celebvm.com/melinaperez


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