Happy Father’s Day

June 19, 2016

Okay, This entry is dedicated to 3 of the 4 most amazing men that have shaped my life. The fourth guy is my brother and he deserves so much credit and acknowledgement for being extraordinary, but today is for the father’s.

I understand how fortunate I am to have my father in my life, as I know there are people who do not have one in theirs. Like I said on Instagram, This is a man who set the bar to which all men get compared to in my life. He is a man of great loyalty, stands by family, STANDS UP for family, is strong enough to admit when he’s wrong (& will make things right after he does), stands up for what he believes in, for what’s right, fights for love and fights for life. He was a teen when he & my mother had us, and when many would have ran, he stood by us and did everything in his power to provide for us.

My dad was always my super hero. Larger than life, a character, strong in more ways I can count, a person who fought for what’s good & just. We were taught that no one eats until everyone is at the table, Because WE ALL Eat TOGETHER. But for as long as I can remember, my father always waited. He made sure we were all fed first before he ever ate a single bite. He made sure our limited amount of food fed his children first. In time, when we finally had money, he still did that. He always took care of us first.

My father, like all people on this earth, has his flaws, but most people refuse to see their faults. They will deny it and continue certain behaviors. My father recognized the worst of his faults and changed them. It made him even stronger of a person than I already thought he was. Then he topped that strength when he found out he had Wegener’s Disease. He continued to work hard, keep joking around and keep having fun even though he was diagnosed with this rare condition. He is, without question, remarkable to me. His way of overcoming, fighting for family, love and life is my foundation and my inspiration. 

To My Daddy,
thank you for teaching me how to be strong in SO many different ways. You taught me to be a survivor, a fighter for what’s right & a person who will live to the fullest while I can.

Haré todo en mi poder para ser tan fuerte como usted, voy a luchar para conseguir pasar los mayores problemas en la vida, y no voy a desperdiciar todo lo que trabajó tan duro para dar a nosotros. Te amo con todo mi corazón por toda la eternidad. Estoy muy agradecido de tenerte como mi padre.

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Now for my grandfather (my father’s father) Prisciliano Perez I. I love the fact that he was the best at mean muggin. It was awesome! I swear, he can strike fear in people with just a look! LMAO! I loved my grandfather and he was the best! He never took anyone’s sh!t, but he never got into anyone’s business either. He was definitely the strong silent type. And when he said something, you listened.

A memory my dad will always bring up, because my grandfather was such a serious guy, was when I was five years old, my grandfather took us to the park in South Gate. We lived a few blocks away. For some reason, I had to take this huge doll that was honestly, as big as I was at the time. My grandfather said no. I begged him to let me take it with us. He finally caved. I was so happy carrying my giant doll until we reached Thrifty’s. Both, my and my brother’s eyes got big and we asked to stop for ice cream! While everyone was getting their treats, my grandfather, mister serious AND the guy who originally told me not to bring it, got stuck carrying the doll because of the ice cream. My dad thought it was the funniest thing to see! My grandfather said he knew he was going to end up carrying it. Bless my grandfather’s heart.

My greatest regret was not attending his funeral. I was away for wrestling at the time… I look back and only see dumb reasons why I couldn’t go that will haunt me forever. I hope he knew how much I loved him, how much I miss him now and how much I wish I could have spent more time with him while he was alive. When we are young, we can think we have forever to appreciate the people we love until one day, “forever” is today, and you didn’t get to hug them, or say you love them one last time. He’s the reason I tell people to treasure those you love while they are alive, because I wish I could have shown my grandfather more each and every day while he was here.

Happy Father’s Day Papa Prisi, thank you for always being there for us in life, and you are forever in our hearts after it. RIP

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My last Father’s Day mention goes to my other grandfather, my mother’s father, Fidel A. Nava. We called him Popo. He’s yet another amazing man I grew up with who stood for his country & his family. Another strong and silent type, but he had such a gentle heart!

He served in the Air Force at from 1950-1954 starting at the age of 17. He comes from a long line of Nava’s who serve/have served in the military.

My grandfather survived through so much in his life and he still kept such a positive outlook no matter what the circumstance. After everything he’s gone through and everything he’s seen, my brave grandfather passed from lung cancer. It kills me to know how much he endured in his life yet still stood strong with so much love in his heart. His love, loyalty, outlook on life, strength and kind heart will forever be imprinted in my soul.

Happy Father’s Day to you Popo. Thank you for showing us strength through great tragedy. Showing us how we can overcome and how it is possible to still see good no matter what awful things we’ve seen in life. We love & miss you so much. RIP

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I’ve been blessed with amazing men in my life. There are no daddy issues with this gal. I have love for everyone in all their ways… But the only issue I have is that I do want to find someone that has the incredible qualities that these three men in in my life have. They set the bar at being so amazing that it’s going to be tough to find a person like that. Thanks dad! :p

Till the next entry…

Sending Lots Of Love,

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