One Week Since The Orlando Shooting

June 18, 2016

Not to ruin everyone’s happy Saturday vibe, BUT as you go out to have fun, whether it’s at a club or what not… Think about what happened a week ago. Just take one moment today, or in the next week, and realize how much fun you are having. How you had no cares in the world. You’re having fun with your friends, celebrating something, going out to take your mind off of stuff or spending time with your honey. Think about the selfies you take, the delicious drink your sipping on, the meal, or the song that’s playing at that moment… Now think, what if that was the last anything that you will ever experience? Then think about the people at Pulse.

Anything can happen to any of us at anytime. I don’t say this so people can worry about going out, I’m just saying we are not guaranteed tomorrow, but although I continue to act as if everything is ok, I know it’s not. Don’t think for a second that I forgot about what happened at Pulse last week. How can anyone forget? NOR should anyone forget.

It has been such a beautiful thing to see such unity and support around the world, but it breaks my heart that it has to take such tragedy for it to happen. It took lives being lost to want to make change. But I believe we will honor their lives by trying to make a difference in their memory. I’ve followed everything all week and It’s been a crazy mess. People are trying to process what happened and then there’s people getting crazy about politics and guns. It makes me want to scream. Not saying anyone is right or wrong about it, I’m just saying that in the midst of it all, it was just too much. I can’t imagine what the LGBT community, surviving victims and family of the victims are going through in all this madness. I thought if I waited a week that I will find the words to at least articulate what is going through my head so I can send my love and support… But I’m still processing it all.

I know this isn’t the best of blogs I’ve ever written but I had to at least write my thoughts. I had to write something because it feels wrong not to. I want to do SOMETHING. I have an empathetic heart and believe me, I watch the news, read the articles and I cry with everyone. I wish I could do so much more to take the pain away, to stop this craziness that is happening and to never let it happen again.

To the LGBT community, victims and families… Know my heart, sympathy and prayers are with you. That my love and support IS, without question, with you. And it goes the same for everyone… I love you all. I tell you that as often as I can, because I do. I want a better world for ALL OF YOU. I may not see it in my lifetime but I will give everything I am in hopes our children can see it in theirs.

Sending All My Love To Everyone Always,



The following is posts I wrote last week after the news about Pulse came out:

“I am praying for Orlando and Praying for this world. Friday night in Orlando, Christina Grimmie gets shot after a performance & the next night more than 50 people get killed (many others injured) in a night club making it the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. History!

Gay, straight, young, old, man, woman and no matter what your ethnicity is, or whatever reason gets concocted, no one deserves that!


No more excuses. No more “There’s always going to be hate/violence in the world.” It may not completely go away but we can make this world significantly better, and that’s worth it to me! CARE! Care about life, love & humanity! Each of us are REAL people who have hopes, dreams and feelings! Think about that before you resort to hate.

#WeCanMakeADifference #iBelieveInUs #MakeChange #StopTheViolence #StopTheHate #MoreLoveLessHate #ThinkBeforeYouHate #Understand #WeAllHaveFeelingsAndDreams #WhatWouldHappenIfEveryoneCared
#IfEveryoneCared by #Nickelback”

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Someone posted that prayers do nothing so why pray. Another said prayers kill people. Personally, I think that is crazy talk. To me, a prayer isn’t just to a God or deity, it’s sending hope, love, wishes and support. How can anyone think that is bad? So my next post on IG said this:

“”Love changes everything.
So fill the world with it”
-Kid President
Never forget, there is nothing wrong with sending love, positivity & prayers. Those that do are changing the world one smile, one hug & one post at a time. It’s true! Like Mother Theresa said “Small things done with great love will change the world.”

✨Never forget that. And never forget that I love you all with all of my heart for all eternity & I’m grateful for each of you in my life. ✨✨

#iHaveFaithInLove #iBelieveInEachOfUs #AllYouNeedIsLove”

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I will spend my life advocating love, respect, positivity and understanding. There’s enough terrible things going on in the world naturally without people making it worse in the world.

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