Saving Seven The Pitbull Pup

I posted a link on Twitter and Facebook for a Go Fund Me Link to save a puppy and many of you Retweeted without hesitation and I thank you for that. Even if you can’t help donate, your retweet will bring better chances of reaching someone who can.


Now to tell you what happened….


When I saw my friends post on Twitter, I texted her immediately and asked “What happened?!!!” I mean, I saw the picture of the dog, a Go Fund Me account and read the first sentence, “Today while driving my dog to the vet we saw a car hit this puppy and keep going.”


Sarah was already on her way to the vet, because she was taking her own fur babies for an appointment. Just like I would, she saw a dog and wanted to stop and get it because if it was our dog, we’d want someone to get them out of harm’s way.


As they pulled over, they saw a car hit the beautiful, less than a year old pitbull puppy, THEN continue to drive away. Sarah was horrified. “How could they just take off like that. I couldn’t leave her there Melina! All I could think of is what if this was my dog? I couldn’t let her die!”


She also couldn’t pick the puppy up because the poor thing wasn’t like my 5lb dog. Being a pit, she was much larger AND she had to pick the pup up without hurting her, because who knows what kind of injuries she has!


Sarah stayed in the middle of the street doing everything she could to get anyone to pull over to help. “No one would stop Melina. I didn’t know what I was going to do.” Then finally, someone pulled over and helped pick up the puppy. They placed her in Sarah’s car and she drove to the vet as fast as she could.


I keep hearing Sarah tell me, “I couldn’t let her die” and, “What if this was MY dog?” I’m with her. I would do and say the exact same thing. I want to help her save the pitbull pup which is now named Seven (because of the shape of the gash that’s on her head) and find her owners. If that is not possible, a loving home, but first, we need to make sure Seven gets the medical attention she needs to survive.


I can’t help think of my dog Charlie Bear. We call him Charlie Houdini, because he knows how to escape the d@mn yard. It could easily be him n this scenario. I love him more than anything and it is a fear of mine to lose him or worse, like Seven, get hit by a car. If that was Charlie Bear, and I wasn’t there for him, I would BEG someone to please help save his life.


I’m crying now. Charlie Bear is cuddled against my leg and thought of that pains me. So you see, I need to do what I can to help Sarah help save Seven.


If you want to help Seven, follow her progress and be a part of her survival story, TAP on this sentence that will take you to the Go Fund Me page. Donate and share this link with others who can help.


‪Thank you for reading this and for those helping, you are amazing and beautiful people. I’m so thankful people like you exist in this world. XOXO


Love Always & Forever,

Melina Perez

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