Melina Perez is one of WWE’s most decorated Divas in their history! She’s also considered…

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Below are confirmed appearances that Melina will be making, with details of the location…

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If there was ever a women who epitomised confidence, positivity and life, it would be Melina Perez.

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Women’s March

January 20, 2018   Of course I stand for the Women’s March. I’m a woman and I want things to change so that life can be safer and better, not only for today but for the generations to come.   When I was a little girl, like children tend to do, I would always ask Read More

1st Blog Of 2018

I say this every year and I swear I have every intention of doing it but every year I get side tracked. I apologize for that. 🙈 This year I will do my best to write consistently. This is the year I am going to share more of my life and experiences with the world. Read More

Saving Seven The Pitbull Pup

I posted a link on Twitter and Facebook for a Go Fund Me Link to save a puppy and many of you Retweeted without hesitation and I thank you for that. Even if you can’t help donate, your retweet will bring better chances of reaching someone who can.   Now to tell you what happened…. Read More


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